History of the QSCRA

A Standing Committee of management was formed by the QCSFA in 1970 and the Referees then became a Sub-Committee of the controlling body.

The first President of the subcommittee after elections in 1971 was Stan Thompson, and the Secretary was Ron Curtis.

In 1972, after Stan resigned, Don Mackenzie was elected President. This situation continued until the end of the 1973 season. In February 1974, with the help of the Reverend Les Tilse, who was Standing Committee chairman at the time, we the Referees formed an autonomous organization which was named the QLD. Churches Soccer Referees association (QCSRA) with a signed agreement between the QCSRA and the QLD Churches Soccer Football Association (QCSFA) on the 3rd of May 1974.

The first elected members were, D Mackenzie, President, R Curtis Secretary, G Nicholson, Treasurer, and B Fry, Coach. The senior members in the first season were: B Maroschek, R Biziorek, D Richter, A Kinsela, A Bryant, A Holland. The first junior’s members were: N Lever, T Armbruster, P Sparkes, C Saunders, G Saunders, S Donald.

The Life members are:
Ron Curtis, and Don Mackenzie, 1978
Gordon Nicholson, 1979
Don Fraser, 1984
Doug Henry and Neville Manders (Dec) 1988
Rodney Wainwright (Dec), 1992
Ken Clarke, 1993
Dave Bryden,1994
Dave Jones,1995
John Hockey (Dec) and Barry McCormick, 1997
Volkan Dogan, 1998
Peter Spelman, 2000
Ken Caesar and Derek Hirons 2001
Helen Dogan and Robert Crapnell, 2006
Robin Ernest, (Dec) 2007
Werner Haase, 2009
David Podger, 2010
Keith Cairns, 2011
Stuart Donaldson, 2014
Noel Lever, 2016
Murry McCormick, 2017

There are Photo albums containing historical records from 1974 up to the present time complied by Judith and Don Mackenzie available.

A Power Point display of QCSRA's history ie 1970-2015 has been completed.