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I do refereeing as a hobby. Information provided on your membership form may be shared with the QCSRA Management Committee or Match Coaches and/or other QCSRA members where necessary. If you do not want information to be shared please inform the Secretary and Registrar in writing. "I have read and understood the Risk Management Policy. I also understand the role and responsibilities of being a referee as described in the current law book. I am medically and physically able to referee, and perform other physical tasks, including training. I agree that it is my responsibility to seek medical clearance if I am unsure.” Acceptance of membership is subject to obtaining a clearance in accordance with the Commission for Children & Young People (ACT 2000) and any amendments to the ACT thereof. (An "Application for suitability notice for a volunteer" form or proof of compliance must be submitted with this application. Members 18 years and over are required to comply with the Act Copies are available from www.ccypcg.qld.gov.au". I understand that if I fail to lodge a renewal application for the Blue Card at least 6 weeks before the expiry date and subsequently it expires, QSCRA membership will be suspended until such a time my Blue Card is renewed.

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